Fear of a Black Spider-Man:Racial Discourses and Miles Morales

JD Boucher
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This ebook is a 25,000 word culmination of six months of in-depth academic research into Miles Morales, black superheroes, and the racial discourses they operate in. It contains:

-A discussion of the history of black superheroes and how they operate in racial discourses.

-An explanation of post-racial discourses, how Miles Morales is an example of a post-racial comic, and how interacting in a post-racial discourse limits the politics of comics featuring Miles Morales. 

-A description of historically limiting phenomenons present in comics with black superheroes and how Miles breaks from them. 

-A look at how comic industry discourses in comic books led to the creation and limitation of Miles Morales comics. 

-An analysis of fan reactions to Miles Morales and how it brought discussions of race to the forefront of comics fandom. 

-Steps the comic book industry can do as a whole to move forward to create more hybridized, less limiting comics.

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  • Length
    90 pages
  • Size854 KB
  • Length90 pages
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Fear of a Black Spider-Man:Racial Discourses and Miles Morales

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